Finished Work

If we bother to write an item in Wants and Needs then we'll save them here when they're finished.


Sanitize HTML with caja or something simpler.

Catch PUT Errors and save work in local storage.

✔ A click on a page's flag starts over with two pages. But should it also include the current site in the neighborhood? If I'm clicking to get write access, probably so.

Method Expressions parsed and evaluated inline.

Method Unit Conversions including checks and formatting.

Subset Wiki by topics

Realtime Txtzyme as a model for SCADA.

✔ Dynamically load server-side companions for client-side plugins. Connection could be by new routes or new protocols over existing routes.

Page Future shows when a link goes nowhere.

✔ Have page future include offer to fork from same-name pages in neighborhood.

Title Search for pages in our neighborhood.

Radar Chart Options to specify what data it chooses to include and at what scale. ★

Submit Workflow from local storage to a new subsite.

Recent Neighborhood Changes computed from the journals of relevant pages.

✔ Community activity map showing what has happened when in the neighborhood.

✔ Show twin'd neighbors' flags as each page displays. Update with each new sitemap.

Material Methods that are clear and flexible. ✔

Index Workflow that aggregates material results. ✔


✔ should be unique within a page. Duplicates should get a new id with the original id noted as item.copied. Check this when dropping items and on batch builds. ★

Scrub Values in Methods. Move between .5x and 2x. Compound on subsequent scrubs. ✔ Maybe increase/decrease sensitivity by sliding up/down. Reset on outside tap. Save by opening edit.

Lost My Origin so my edits go to the wrong place. Judged #1 problem using wiki in classroom setting.

✔ Make templates more useful with prompts. Store this in the text field. Maybe create by reverting paragraphs to factories.

Json from model ✔ with recent edits??

Condensed Journal ✔ in view only or permanently.

✔ On update error edited pages becomes local.

✔ Fork action should carry date of last changed forked. Or activity dating (changes, sitemaps) should ignore forks. This way, many people editing can find the most recent change, not the most recent fork. Sitemap should igore forks when dating pages. issue

✔ TextEditor split followed by join fails to rewrite joined item. YIKES. github fixed

My Open Id has gone offline and now returned. ✔ I still need an alternative.

✔ Taint remote pages with blue border. Click a flag to rewrite a url with remote site as origin.

✔ Add last edited paragraph to recent changes.

Push From Local to Origin to make local truly useful. Seems to sorta work under express version.

✔ Cherry-picking from local with copy.

✔ Add link to Submit Changes and Recent Submissions, to guide user how to push local changes.

✔ Tool tip showing domain or url for external links.

✔ Flags are fetched over and over. Need cache control headers? Learn more. tutorial

✔ Cluster the original c2 wiki into federated wiki sites. This could be based on existing categories, presence in roadmaps, or type of page reference (signatures). Graph clustering algorithms could be useful.