Realtime Txtzyme

We'll create an interactive plugin that talks to a microcontroller attached to a wiki server. Txtzyme is attractive because the devices are small (for localhost) and we already have one on

This is a warmup for software-defined radio applications. Txtzyme has the smallest of programs that are still interpreted realtime by attached hardware.

Another approach would be to run Realtime Shell Scripts by similar mechanisms.


✔ Create the Txtzyme plugin that runs a script on build.

Run the script from origin storage given slug and item id.

✔ Capture results and event them as 'txtzyme'.

✔ Open a web socket. Scrub from screen to motor controller or other device.

✔ Display results over the 'p' that produced them.

✔ Create a scrolling display. Feed data into it.


SDR in wiki combines control with sharing culture.

Keeping it Realtime conference in Portland. Demo needed.

Wikiduino shows that a controller could be the server.

SCADA stands for supervisory control and data acquisition, terminology used in industrial control.

DAQConnect runs in the cloud and talks to acquisition/control devices with a json protocol.

In this sample we show how we might configure a remote software-defined radio to receive and decode WWV timecodes.

Txtzyme extends the reach of the USB bus to arbitrary electrical signals. It interprets throw-away programs encoded as single-character commands bundled into short strings transmitted to a USB enabled microcontroller.

We've squeezed an implementation of SFW into the confines of an Arduino. It talks to the world in json through an ethernet shield.

We explore semi-structured texts by supporting parser generation with experiment management and continuous visualization of partial results.