Recent Neighborhood Changes

We merge the neighborhood sitemaps and show current activity in a way that encourages sharing.

Getting Started

✔ Make a new plugin modled on About Changes Plugin called About Activity Plugin.

✔ Hack a factory to be an instance of that plugin. (Ward's trick for starting quickly.)

✔ Make the plugin render merged sitemaps for all pages less that 10 days old. This could be just a bullet list? Is 10 days the right stuff?

✔ Think of some way to refer to specific sites for each page. Would this be like is done in About Reference Plugin?

If we like the plugin, maybe try writing some moka tests as we have with changes.

Process Check

Rethink the idea of this even being a plugin. Do we want one object with all data, like in About Rollup Plugin? ✔

Or do we want to make a ghost page of references like search results. Then the functionality would be more wired in and would appear as a button in the footer. (Search is in lib/neighborhood, lib/search and called from lib/legacy.) ✘

Maybe also look at About Logwatch Plugin which only works with express. ✘

A surprising advantage of the plugin approach is that the plugin can be added to custom formatted pages to introduce collaborators and there work. For example, see the contributors page in the site.

We list the known contributors to the Westwind Patterns project and track their recent changes.

The new Activity plugin promises to work well with Recent Submissions especially when there are lots of submissions.

The utility of the merged activity depends on limiting your browsing to a specific neighborhood. For example, visit the contributors page then start over at that site's origin before viewing contributors.

The Right Stuff

Since the neighborhood could be large, we need a way to find the right stuff when displaying changes. We'll have to try lots of things.

Try showing only changes for pages we have on origin.

Try showing changes for only pages we have currently open.

Try showing more details about changes, maybe even merging journals and throwing up a ghost page of the combination.