Material Methods

We've shown that we can read and interpret the material data. Now we have to transform it into a wiki representation that meets the expectations we've already set.

Release Issues to be logged for a future release.

Tier 3 Computations

✔ Chemistry

✔ Energy / GHG

✔ Water / Land

✔ Physical Waste

Emit/Bind methods in sequential order. ✔ Make it work on more than Chrome.

Recompute downstream calculations when any one is changed.

Don't slow down the display of non-synchronous plugins.

Contextual Informaton

✔ How and Why sample (chemistry).

New material template (chemistry).

Build items with id derived from repeatable structure in build so that like items get same id even on different pages. Add affordance to scroll to like items in side-by-side viewing.

Analysis and Certification

✔ Apply points and polynomials much like we do LOOKUP in methods.

Retrieve material json as of a date when running old versions of calculations.

Save the page path followed for any batch calculation. Offer some opportunity to traceback, possibly by opening all necessary pages and reproduceing a saved calculation.

Condense journal to ✔ certified create action. Include signature citing provenance (builder & plugins)

Construct in a repeatable way during import. Simulate template solution including item.copied field.