Submit Workflow

Offer a mechanism for any change, spelling correction to site redesign, to be submitted through a workflow that makes sense for both the submitter and receiver.

✔ add a button

✔ add a handler

✔ ajax post to origin

✔ add a route to server

✔ create a random site

✔ load with files

✔ add cite to inbox

✔ answer site url

✔ add a cite to the page

✔ save local action

A number of usability issues surfaced while using the submission mechanisms. We'll keep notes here and mark them off when sufficiently refined to support the workflow.

✔ create pages without & escaped in the title

✔ open rev for same site

✔ locals don't disappear on login

✔ citation sees past local copy

✔ changes makes local links

✔ origin and local join view in url syntax

✔ revision view sees history of local copy

✔ deal with & when creating new page title

fork into local storage: • implicit works, sans persisting action • explicit fails silently

save obliterated page when forking

not quite right history (origin vs. local) ??

scroll ghost(s) to highlighted paragraph

✔ create actions for imported paragraphs

origin's flag as shadow for remote pages

should changes plugin report recent changes in some workflow situations ??