Index Workflow

Reassemble the index by retrieving all material pages and rerunning their methods with possibly revised reference data.

✔ Recompute and rollup results for all of some kind of page.

✔ Create a rollup plugin that reads the old index and generates a work list from it.

Add or subtract materials from the list.

Consider adding / removing materials as special case.

Consider changing reference data as special case.

✔ Retrieve each material page based on rows of the old index.

Use pageHander.get to retrieve pages, not $.getJSON.

✔ Evaluate methods on a page, in order, based on context provided by rollup plugin.

✔ Save errors encountered when invisibly evaluating methods.

✔ Collect errors that might be detected by methods.

Save the result in a new data plugin on the current page.

✔ Revise the worklist showing progress.

✔ Once complete, sort to find new Rank for each item. Redisplay with this new information.

Create a new data plugin with rolled up results.

Use some user specification for column content that doesn't have to match the old index.