Radar Chart Options

We consider how to configure the chart based on provided information and the data the chart finds available in its environment.

Goal: a chart should be useful without configuration. However, once configured, it should still be useful in a variety of similar situations.

Strategy: we first look for dimensions, then data/methods of those dimensions, and then scale based on what we find.

Find Dimensions

✔ if keys in text, use them.

else look at each page, starting from plugin

if page has data ✔, use last one

else if page has methods ✔, use union of computed values

else report "can't find any data" ✔

Find Cases

look at each page, starting from plugin

if page has methods where union matches, add it

else if page has data that match, add them

else report "can't find data for #{dimension}" ✔

Find Scales

✔ if single number in text, use it for all

✔ if scaled dimensions in text, use for each

if unscaled dimensions remain ...

✔ if multiple cases, scale each to max of cases

✔ else scale all to max of all dimensions


✔ unspecified dimensions and scale (blank line)

✔ unspecified dimensions, specified scale


✔ specified dimensions, unspecified scale

Alpha Beta Gamma

✔ specified dimensions and scales

20 Alpha 30 Beta 50 Gamma