Zoe Persona

Zoe Persona, Journalist

Zoe has been blogging about professional and some personal subjects for six years. Her main site is well traveled and she is often a guest blogger on other major sites.

Zoe loves life and lives it fully. She started blogging as a way to work through changes and found that she got as much strength from her readers as she gave them.

Zoe always wants to make sense to the readers of her main blog as would any professional journalist. She uses here many federated wiki sites as a sense-making sandbox where she tries ideas with the handful fellow thinkers who don't need thoughts so well worked out.

Zoe follows a dozen communities both online and off. She imports hundreds of pages a day into her own notebooks (private wikis) where she mines them for issues worth exploring in her writing. She is careful to respect copyright and is thrilled when other authors allow her to rework their words with abandon.