We imagine federated wiki as a medium for authoring, distributing and consuming reports.

One writes a report to disclose activity and the learnings that arise from it. The report becomes part of a written record with the expectation that it will influence others.

We choose to call reports cast as federated hypermedia "reflections" to emphasize self-reflection as a desirable human activity. wikipedia

Experimental Reflections

We try writing in the form in order to assess the utility of the concept.

Coding Portfolio recalling the best parts of every program we ever wrote, eventually.

Reinventing Status Reports where wiki's recent-changes guide writing that is shorter, easier and better than the traditional form.

Federated Wiki at One considers the path of discovery as both an open-source project and an open-data deliverable.

Incremental Paragraphs recalls writing advice offered one-on-one to a colleague who has volunteered to apply federated wiki to corporate communications.

Models for SFW developed with Pete Hodgson on his recent visit to Portland.

Abstraction of Method through the interpretation of operations.

Journal as History Visualized and especially unexpected resistance to it.

JSON Schema for federated wiki.

How Word Gets Around and weaves the federation in the process.

Hacking Wiki's Methods to include units and expressions.

What's Not to Like about wiki as we've written it.

First Write Who & What then grow a site from there.

Diversity in Service to the federation.

Laptop Server to experiment, use and share.

A Bug in Three Acts where methods are characters.

Tips for Writing Reflections

Include some form of the word "reflect" in the title or first paragraph where it can be found by search.

Discoveries are much more interesting than the chronology that led to them. Leave the chronology out unless the chronology is the discovery.

A complete thought is more important than a complete sentence. Write to be read in progress. Expect your work to be consumed and discarded before it is finished. See Incremental Paragraphs above.