Coding Portfolio

A list of programs I've written and now recall. There are lots, organized first by where I was.

15% named and 10% documented. Even at this low penetration, there are some good reads here.

The programs I remember have always been created in a in a social or service context.

Acquiring Mastery

As a student, my programs were not complete until I had shown them to my friends.

Tektronix 1977-1987

Home Computing 1977 - Present

Sharing the Knowledge

Work for hire established bounds. But I always felt entitled to create outside of them when it served the greater goals of a project.

Wyatt Software 1987-1990

Unix Administration 1994-Present

Distinguished Positions

I continue to code. My reputation opens doors but my chosen medium, programming, confuses those who invite me in.

Microsoft 2003-2005

AboutUs 2007-2011

Citizen Global 2011-2013

Nike 2011-2012

New Relic 2013-Present

My first jobs were in newspaper photography, pizza delivery, steel mill labor, and air-conditioning repair.

Lasting Technology I've turned to over and over.