I will no longer rely on Twitter to remember my most carefully crafted tweets. I've scanned Twitter's history for the subset of my compositions that do not exist simply to send people somewhere else. Newest first.


Programming can be an art form but one must approach it as an artist. Don't expect art to pay your bills. Even Don Knuth had a side job.

A web interface is 1040 if it feels like doing taxes.

I ask alexa to set a timmer. I'm ignored. Oh? Two can play at this game. I'm not asking again. I can time my own damn coffee maker.

Will tweets last 10 years? Wiki pages 20? Email 30? What features of a computer medium give conversations longevity?

Programmer's burden: every line of code solves a problem, real or imagined.

@MartinFowler @dhh @KentBeck Thanks for sharing the conversation. You all deserve the attention you receive.

Winner: Story. A good story will outlive a reasoned argument.

Loser: Mocks. Don't mock a careless decision into place.

Honorable mention: Hair. If you have it, flaunt it.

Wiki is a license plus a schema plus a http header. CC + JSON + CORS = WIKI.

Comcast vs. Netflix will ruin the net because both refuse to accept a superior architecture like BitTorrent.

Good OO let us do things we always dreamed of doing. Now people do that stuff all the time and rarely with the models we admired.

Good OO design was valuable when we had enough memory to hold the whole model but not enough to do it any other way.

Technical debt: Win short-term by assuming debt, win long-term by paying it back. Win both ways with clean code you understand.

Look. Only a dozen programmers "bigger" than me. link

Ask this: how elegant must code be for its evolution to be sustained with our small minds playing the role of landscape?

Do you struggle under technical debt? Try outsourcing your complexity to an abstraction.

I am a programmer. I am your genie. The bad news is you get all the wishes you want.

Federated wiki does more than aggregate feeds or merge commits. Its a new end, not means to an end.

I'm asking you, How do you help people who want to help you get your work done? Email me. I want to know.

I never regret doing something the wrong way because it helps me appreciate the right way when I find it.

Reality is what you wake up to every morning year after year when in your dream you think you are waking up.

Sometimes things I need seem far away in federated wiki. Best to start by making a place where things are close at hand.

Want to be important and constructive? One requires resource, the other, wisdom.

Servers no longer serve, they possess. We should call them possessors.

Post-agile software is healthy. Harder now to make a mark. Faster to clone our innovations into spaces that are struggling.

I hate it when corporations pay programmers to make things not work.

Don't think of money as a substance subject to conservation laws. The economy is an information system. Why would it not be hacked?

Finished stacking wood from five downed trees. Don't have to wait till tomorrow to be sore.

Generous friends, Wikimedia Foundation tells me, "Yes, we did actually see a bump the day we ran your appeal." Thanks.

When people act foolish figure out why. Then remove the dysfunction generator and wait for the human nature work its natural way.

Conservation tip: Calculate your DAYS-PER-GALLON not your MILES-PER-GALLON.

15 min by car, 30 min by bike. Therefor bike commute is 30 min of relaxing exercise in 15 extra minutes.

Today I had birthday parties in Garden Home and Venice Beach. Sweet.

If you pay for the cloud with a credit card then the cloud is no more reliable than that card. I've not seen one approach even three nines.

If a provider shuts you down when they think you haven't paid then they must factor accounts receivable into their data center reliability.

Oops. The digital thermometers in my sensor network rewrite don't work below 32 degrees.

Getting our job done, only a little late, working with people we may not like: more sane than anything in politics or on cable tv.

The word "Agile" has worked hard for ten years. I forgive it for being tired.

Art critics can study brush strokes for 100s of years but only the artist knows how the smell of paint guided the work.

We let software get so screwed up that it can't be fixed and then think that this is a law of nature. It's not. Wise up.

Olympic skating: She lifts him. About time, no?

A language designer that encourages gross approximations like Floating Point should offer more assistance in managing errors.

Real Numbers are Numbers, Floating Point numbers are measurements.

Among Integer, Rational, Complex and Floating Point, Floating Point least deserves to be called a Number.

Estimating is the non-problem that know-nothings spent decades trying to solve.

Velocity is how extreme programmers defend their right to work in clean code.

Ask your methodologist: When was the last weekend you spent writing code?

Tip: check your wheels if you ever have a stolen car recovered. Thieves got three of mine loose. I'm told I was lucky they didn't fall off.

Dirty code is to technical debt as the pawn broker is to financial debt. Don't think you are ever going to get your code back.

My stolen car has been recovered after 6 months. Now the sheriff has towed it to the far side of the county at my expense.

Beaverton voters have spoken. They will have four more years of my wife's unpaid oversight of their children's education.

Wiki History I didn't know: Cliff Adams volunteered free linking with double square brackets as a UseMod hack. Kudos to Cliff.

Ignore any report that talks about money as if it were a substance implying conservation of matter. Money is a belief system, a fragile one.

Can our modern economy guide us through the global change that we know is in front of us? I think not. It is too complex to believe.

My car was stolen. I've been car-free for almost four weeks and doing ok. Two new bikes help. So does a working bus system.

Software is notable not because it met its requirements but because the stuff between the requirements exhibits insight and creativity.

advice to methodologists: when others call for more discipline, look for opportunity.

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Now, having completed this retrieval from Twitter, I have discovered that their archive does go back to my beginning: 17 Jan 08. Kudos to them.

Perhaps I should write a program that retrieves the dates I made each tweet and then backdate the actions in this page's journal.