Tweet a Solution

Start each pattern with a "tweet sized" summary that scans well and includes keywords that complements the title.

Writing a concise summary bounds the purpose of any page, helps get writing started, and makes more clear when words should be pushed off to additional pages.

Alexander's pattern form starts by looking backwards to establish the context. However, even he admits that the linking is among the hardest thing to get right and makes a poor place to start writing. Find another way to start.

Federated wiki favors the first paragraph by including it in search results and as the default body of references.


Here we compare two versions of a pattern. The first is written in Alexander's style with a context setting paragraph appearing in the reference. The second has an extra, tweet sized paragraph added as an introduction.

You are building a robot following the MISSION ZONES approach and are using a COMBINED ZONE PROGRAM.

Wait for a button press before advancing to the next mission with attachments in place.


Many newspapers and television news programs adhere to the Inverted Pyramid writing style . The facts within such a news story are ordered by decreasing importance, so readers / watchers can stop anywhere and still get most out of the story.

In Alexander's patterns the bold paragraphs come first - so at least within the problem or solution part such an ordering is given, too. (um, I'm not sure this is true. In Kyle's patterns the backward looking context comes first.)


Andrew P. Black once pointed to this particular writing style in the Writers' Workshop "Intimacy Gradient" during PLoP 2006 in Portland, OR, USA.