Status Deployment Report

We've asked our friends at New Relic to try using federated wiki for internal communications. Here I report on wiki improvements motivated by this collaboration.


We've had a little trouble setting up postfix on We're seeing some success but will continue to maintain our notes in Configuring Batch Email.

Our reports thread nicely in OS X but not so in iOS. How is threading suppose to work? Jamie Zawinski has an opinion. website

I'm publishing reports for many of my federated wiki initiatives. Sometimes when I need a new page, I make that page from the report. This makes it an important part of wiki navigation. I've found it convenient to list reports I write as part of the bio I include in every wiki.

I had a good call with Jackie Bavaro of Asana website . I helped her get wiki into Share Point when we were both at Microsoft. She does UX and is finding increased interest in social components to their product.

I've solicited Help the Helpers experiences from my 20,000 twitter followers.

I've enhanced the rendering of paragraphs to preserve blank lines. This simplifies pasting content from other sources when many small paragraphs are not desired. Perhaps the TextEditor should be enhanced to edit larger paragraphs.

I'm considering developing a date calculator in the style of the Method plugin. This would bind dates to names and allow them to be updated with similar delta annotations generated automatically. This could serve as the Progression called for in the Computer History Museum's Federated Timeline.

Dates from Progressions and the Report plugin could be rendered amid actions in the journal to heighten its relational relevance. Here we would look up for dates much like visualizations look up and to the left. Journal should update on save.