Squash Old Bugs

These are old bugs that shouldn't go any longer without being addressed. Now might be the time to fix them well, including refactoring to make repeating them hard.

When using a browser which DOES NOT load images the icon seems to be regenerated by the web client and pushes it to the server.

Now that we can claim servers (with OpenID) it is time to make Local Storage in the browser work like a server you've already claimed.

This has been described in http://fed.wiki.org/view/add-weird-characters as if it were a feature. It probably isn't.

See issue in github

What's the purpose of showing the history on a page not owned by you?

server / sinatra / views contains template definition data on how to render.

forks should be able to be ephemeral. If a changeset is merged, it should be possible to un-fork a page.

The normal semantics of "login" are to identify myself to a system - to establish my identity.

Last issue reviewed: 17 months old


We've shown that a bookmarklet can aid forking pages into our own personal sites. ... except that we already have js running in the page. Just make drop do something useful.


I'd like to get the meta-factory working together with plugin-bootloaders (coming feature) to recognize when something is dropped that can be read and interpreted. The current case analysis in meta-factory can't grow much bigger without becoming too hard to comprehend. And we've reached this situation when we are handling only a small portion of the drops.

How to quick-diff: Find the first and last changed character. This defines the span of removed and inserted text. If we classify each of these spans as empty (= 0 chars), short (< 20 chars), long (> 20 chars), or, complete (= whole text), then case analysis will suggest what sort of mini-report might be floated over the [e] on hover. Hint: long spans can be usefully elided.