Sit & Spin

The back room of this bar/laundromat was the onetime home of the Seattle Poetry Slam. Its closed now.

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2219 4th St., Seattle map

The Sit & Spin, Seattle's only bar venue restaurant laundromat on 4th Avenue, used to host a literary night on Wednesdays. When that shut down, nothing filled the open night. article

The February, 2001 Ash Wednesday earthquake damaged Dutch Ned's building and a structural engineer advised Tina to shut down. With a few phone calls and a willing management, the Slam slid into the Sit & Spin's spacious back room. The first show there took place on March 7, 2001. It had a very nice atmosphere and a helpful and kind staff. Jen Giudu, the bartender there, even made up a drink called the "Seattle Poetry Slammer," and if that wasn't enough, she came up with a "Purple Prose Punch." February 2001 was also when the Seattle Slam joined with 11th Hour Productions under their non-profit organization. They realized they were pretty much doing the same thing in the same town and decided to join forces. Also, 11th Hour Productions has been a non-profit long enough to qualify for NEA funding. As of 2005, Seattle Slam Master is Daemond Arrindell and the slam has a new host, Denise Jolly. The long-running slam is currently held every Tuesday at 8 p.m. at Mirabeau Room, located at 529 Queen Anne Avenue N, which is Dave Meinert's venue. Thus the Seattle Poetry Slam has come full circle.