Craig Muth's thoughts on SFW.


Would it be possible to remove the "view/" strings from url's? (i.e. just have /page-one/page-two)

Could email notifications be worked in somewhere? (Probably a down-the-road feature). Email notifications seem to be a common theme of many web technologies that gain steam quickly.

Editing someone else's page: When you're looking at their site and you're signed into your wiki, should you be able to edit theirs to create a page on yours without an annotation? (I think we talked about this but I wasn't following)

Misc Points

Deleting: You can apparently delete a story item by double-clicking and deleting all the text (is the trash page redundant?)

Obvious things

Size of textarea: Resize after you double-click to be closer to the size of the text, and expand as you type? (A la

Change mouse cursor to hand when hovering over paragraphs?

Double-click to edit title? Misc edit.

Misc Thoughts

I'm seeing some parallels between wiki page containers and emacs "windows"