Obscure Workarounds

As we feel our way into the Wants and Needs of a federation, we have discovered a handful of workarounds for missing features. These are dangerous moves and may stop working or do damage someday. However, they do allow us to survive making content in a futuristic world.

Note: many of these workarounds leave the client-side out of sync with the server. Best to restart at the welcome page after applying these workarounds.

Copy Paragraph from a page without modifying that page: open the latest version of that page; copy the paragraph from it.

Save Local Edit when I forgot to login: login; return to the local page; press "fork" button to save the edit.

Revert to prior version of a page: select the desired version from the journal; fork it. (This seems to work on express server, not sinatra server.)

Undo a complicated edit: logout; try the complicated edits; delete the local copies; login; make the right edits. (see Revert).

Delete Page from local storage: go to Local Editing; delete there. If local-editing is the page you are trying to delete, add: /fed.wiki.org/local-editing to get at a working copy.

Delete Page from origin storage: we don't yet have a simple mechanism to delete stored pages. The server is too quick to make pages and too cautious to delete them. You can safely delete unwanted pages from the flat-file storage if you have that access to the server.

Unexpected Errors in method plugins: double-click to edit; then save. If the calculation improves, look for downstream methods that need the better numbers.

Recover Page when last copy is on the screen: grab the page with jQuery; check it with json lint ; paste into flat file.


View Json after it has been edited: refresh the page; click the json link. It shows what was last fetched from the server, sans any intervening edits.

Fix Favicon in express install: cd to data/status and curl a good one from sandbox.

curl http://sandbox.fed.wiki.org/random.png >favicon.png

Edit Photo Caption without making journal copies: create a factory in a junk pages; drop photo there; edit caption; drag photo to desired location.

Create Reference when you know the site and slug: add /site/slug to location; [+] for factory; drag location to factory.

Drop Image appear as 'Unexpected Items': sidestep your browser/os by create an html file with a set of images and use html-json.rb . Thanks Ryan

Edit Embeds from youtube or twitter when they capture double-click: add a factory after the paragraph. Edit it then backspace into the paragraph above.

Note: I put up with these workarounds because I want to know what is possible with the small set of features I already have. That way when these issues are finally addressed, the solutions are more likely to be awesome. Remember, in computer software, the program that truly exceeds expectations didn't get there by meeting expectations.