Indie Web Camp

Rather than posting content on many third-party silos of data, we should all begin owning the data we're creating. Publish short status updates on your own domain, and syndicate to Twitter. Publish photos on your own domain, syndicate to Flickr, etc, etc.

Group Photo of the Indie Web Camp Class of 2011 .

2011 Camp

This is the basis of the "Indie Web" movement. We got together for a weekend to talk about what has been done in the field, and what still needs to be done. I made the first commits to a new wiki that weekend. github

Indie Web Camp West 2014. Portland, Oregon

2014 Camp

Notes are in Mozilla's EtherPad. pad

Amber took our photo and showed us how to post everywhere but always with a copy on her own site. post

# 2017 Summit

The seventh annual gathering for independent web creators of all kinds. site

We build and maintain an open repository of web crawl data that can be accessed and analyzed by anyone. site

Indie Map is a public IndieWeb social graph. site

How to generate, consume Microformats? site

Quill is a simple Micropub client for creating posts on your own website. To use it, your website will need to have a Micropub endpoint, and this app will send requests to it to create posts. site Tests. site

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