Incremental Pages

A wiki buds new pages as the need for them emerges. At this point in creation we challenge our future selves to thoughts beyond our immediate needs else the new remains only a footnote to the old.


We feel the need for a new page as we write Incremental Paragraphs.

We stoke page need by arranging thoughts such that they might jump-ship together when the new page appears.

We try new page titles in context. We choose title words that explain to ourselves and our future readers why a context shift is justified.

We live with a dangling reference for minutes or months. We develop a wonder of what that page will become.

We click the new page into existence once we can confidently write more than our readers already assume from title alone.


A blank page is a new beginning.

We write the first paragraph, the charter for the page.

We charter a page by repeating the title in more words, different words, words that remove ambiguity in the title while preserving, enlarging, its promise.

We save for immediately subsequent paragraphs the facts and links that will support the charter, our purpose for making new.

We can rest now, or go on incrementing paragraphs. We will sharpen these first words later as the page develops.

more about keywords

more about search results


more about plugins

more about data

more about bindings


We seek small pieces loosely joined.

A tree forms as we bud new pages from old.

A web forms as we reuse pages through links.

A collaboration forms as our pages fork.

A neighborhood forms as others embrace our charters.

An industry forms as our pages produce lasting value.

The page becomes the unit of work. We work to understand and appreciate what it offers. It works to make its offering relevant to us.

The page is the computer, fast and capable, working within the context we create, serving our needs of the moment and co-evolving with us into the future.