Import Issues

Use the github api to retrieve issues and post them to read-only sites, one page per issue. github

Now that we've started factoring the federated wiki codebase into multiple repositories we find the need to speak about a future that may not be closely aligned with any particular repo. Its time to move this conversation to a self-hosted neighborhood of the federation itself.

See Aggregated GitHub Issues pilot deployment.

The Octocat welcomes us to GitHub's developer API. website

✔ Read issues and comments via the github api. Cache raw results in files so that debugging need not pound the api.

Read through result sets that are paginated by the api. The default first page is ok for many cases. doc

✔ Generate a page for each issue, add comments to that page. Copy dates from github to the journal so that pages sort as expected in Recent Changes.

Convert github markdown to paragraph text with most appropriate links detected. ✔ doc

Recognize code blocks and convert them to use the code plugin. Perhaps do this as gsubs over the whole text before beginning line by line conversion.

Recognize edits to existing comments and create corresponding edit actions in a coarse approximation of our edit history.

Run a cron job to incrementally update from recent github activity. Use their api's etag mechanism to stay within their request rate limits. doc