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A colleagues says, My CEO, Sam Blackman, Elemental Technologies, has been carefully studying the history of Tektronix, and I showed him this:

I worked for two separate labs, Systems and Cybernetics first, and then Computer Research where I filled two different postions.

Every Friday Elemental gets catered lunch, and the company gets together for a presentation (more along the social side of things). You would be free to talk about SFW, Wiki in general, or anything you'd like regarding your career, technology, and life.


Edit, Move, Link.

device code c21530

Here we report the air temperature measured in Ward Cunningham's back yard. The thermometer is placed 18 inches from the east-facing lower-level of the house..

Read a little bit. Then move on to our Sandbox and give your new knowledge a workout. Still confused? Look through our our Frequently Asked Questions.


Watch It, Do It Yourself.

We recreate the calculation refactoring example from the open source conference and invite viewers to try it themselves.

I demonstrated running, editing and refactoring calculations in my OSCON Talk . I created this site so others could try duplicating the changes.


Chemistry, Math, Save the World.

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The origin and manufacture of raw materials account for up to 60 percent of the environmental impacts of apparel and footwear products.

Here we will enumerate the materials by name and link to individual pages for each material. Individual material pages will describe how we arrived at particular sustainability scores.

The Nike MSI pdf includes an Excel workbook as an attachment. We describe the steps we follow to understand the workbook's structure and convert it to useful wiki pages.

How can we create an economy that effectively meets human needs while regenerating natural systems? An economy which grows organically by working with nature and enriching human capacities?


Setup, Debug, Understand.

Time Series Samples

We've collected several fields from a dump of the batch job/box scheduling database. This information is presented here with both the conventional predecessor references and freshly computed successor references.

In this sample we show how we might configure a remote software-defined radio to receive and decode WWV timecodes.