Deleting me softly

We consider the many ways that we might delete a wiki page. We've got to get this right.

Deleting a displayed page might mean only remove from the display.

Deleting from the database might mean moving to trash which could be accesses like default/plugin pages.

Deleted pages can show up as twins. That and push from screen might be enough user interface.

Deleting text removes items, but not from the journal. This could happen when we Rename Pages.

Condensing the journal deletes history.

A fork writes over a page which is like a delete.

Maybe we safely forget a page when it has been deleted all of these ways first.


Trash is one deep, for now. Up to server for where it is stored.

Deleted pages are retrieved with slug suffixed with _old.

Deleted pages are included in a sitemap. How?

Deleted pages appear in future pages and twin links. Perhaps only for owner?

Deleted pages show as ghosts that can be forked back into existence.

Deleted pages have revisions suffixed _old_rev15

Rename will leave old page in trash.

Dangling references will find old page in future page. Do we want to remember the new name?

Rename to blank is like move to trash.


Rearrange, close & delete pages. ★

Fork from journal now works and feels like a breath of fresh air. Perhaps Fork Back to Creation is the idea that we've been waiting for. commit